Technology transforming the standard of care for chemotherapy

An evidence-based platform for therapeutic drug monitoring and precision dosing in oncology for individualised treatment and better patient outcomes.

Fluorescence Technology Transforming Chemotherapy

Fluorescence Technology Transforming Chemotherapy

Fluorescence Technology Transforming Chemotherapy

precise chemotherapy dosing platform

Redefining Individualised Treatment

Fluorescentia is addressing the limitations of platinum-based chemotherapy by harnessing the power of scalable fluorescence spectroscopy to determine the concentrations of multiple platinum drugs in body fluids.

Our groundbreaking technology forms the basis for an innovative precision dosing platform designed to provide individualised treatments for better outcomes for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Fluorescentia's technology

Challenges with Current Methods

Platinum-based antineoplastic drugs, often referred to as “platins,” continue to serve as the primary chemotherapy agents due to their cost-effectiveness and systemic treatment approach.

However, their well-documented side effects have posed challenges, and current technologies have limitations in monitoring platinum concentrations. These deficiencies in technology have hindered healthcare providers’ ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of platinum pharmacokinetics, making it difficult to tailor dosing to individual patients.

The current dosing approach, which primarily relies on simple body-surface area (BSA) formulas, overlooks variations in platin pharmacokinetics attributable to individual patient factors, including body composition. As a result, this dosing method increases the likelihood of suboptimal dosing for specific patient groups, such as pediatric, obese, and tall individuals (Hunter et al., 2009).

In the US, this poses a particular concern for obese and overweight patients, whose condition is associated with 55% of women’s cancers and 24% of men’s cancers, (Argyrakopoulou et al., 2021).

Our Solution

Fluorescentia’s innovative array technology measures and distinguishes multiple platin complexes in the blood, with sensitivity for active vs inactivated drug, using common benchtop spectrofluorometer equipment.

This provides valuable new insights into platinum drug pharmacokinetics, allowing for safer and more effective dosing adjustments. It also presents the opportunity to develop of a precision dosing platform that augments the existing BSA-based calculations, and offers valuable endpoint datasets in clinical research and trials for novel therapeutics.

Our Technological Edge

1. Enhanced Patient Outcomes

  • Our technology offers a solution to improve treatment decision making by providing reliable datasets on blood concentrations of active and inactivated platin drug complexes.


  • Individualised, data-driven treatment plans can yield better patient outcomes by optimising chemotherapy with platin drugs.

2. Gold standard, Cost-Effective and accessible

  • Fluorescentia’s technology offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to ICP-MS. It utilises readily available fluorescent spectrometry equipment, reducing need for further capital investment.


  • Our technology offers a comprehensive profile of administered platin drugs surpassing capabilities of all competing approaches.

3. Invaluable Data

  • Fluorescentia’s technology generates invaluable data for clinical trials with arms that include use of platins.


  • Our technology unlocks datasets to create new insights around platin drug pharmacokinetics and offer a basis for developing precision dosing models for individualised treatment.

Our Team

Complementing the award-winning chemists that developed the technology at the University of Sydney, our team consists of commercialisation professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs experienced in bringing breakthrough innovations to markets.

Together with our partners at Innovyz, our team has proven experience navigating the complexities of commercialising medical technologies globally.


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